Morning Glory

Tom was a morning person. As in getting up at five or four am, when the sun was rising, then taking a quick shower, eating breakfast, doing his homework and going for a run. This was his routine during weeks. Weekends he just skipped the homework part. This time he had a brilliant idea. Usually a loner, having now a friend (at least he hoped so) he decided to pull Lewis into this. The boy looked like he needed a bit of a good old fashioned work out. 

He planned on making this a regular thing. Lewis should be thankful.

He jogged to the other boy’s house, waving his goodbye to his care takers, beforehand. 

The air was still mostly stinking with the pollution but it was much cleaner that during the day. It was 6 am and before he got to Lewis’s apartment it was 7 am. He knocked at the doors waiting for them to open.

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